Time-Saving Services worth spending on to improve your Mood and Relationships

Trying to decide whether house cleaning is truly a benefit to your life and worth your hard earned money?  This will make it an easy decision. 

It doesn't take much to notice how much time it takes to maintain the cleanliness of our homes.  Whether it's a 1-bedroom studio or a 4-bedroom home, both take dedication and consistent effort week in and week out to perform.  These days, the question isn’t “are you busy” it is “just how busy are you?”  Can you imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to get some of that precious time back? 

Schedule the time the works best for you

When to schedule is easier than you might think.  Picking the day is as simple as just picking what works best for you. If you work Monday thru Friday, then an obvious option would be, Saturday and Sunday. If you find yourself on the go with activities and errands all weekend then maybe one evening during the week is a better choice.   Home throughout the day, shoot for a day and time when you don’t have many other obligations.  A time-saving service, like house cleaning, is one that studies suggest can drastically improve your personal life.  

A Clean Home = Improved Relationships and Mood

A recent article written in The New York Times reviewed how researchers at Harvard University and University of British Columbia looked at 7 studies of 3,000 cohabitating working adults and showed positive similarities. Those that made the choice to use a time saving service like cleaning felt happier about their relationships at home. Instead of arguing over who is responsible for which chores, couples choose to hire the services out. 

There is a balance point to cost and benefit. 

Household relationships aren't the only benefit, a 2017 study found that people reported a better mood after spending $40 on a time saving purchase rather than material purchases on themselves.   That didn’t mean there wasn’t a cap to how good we could feel. Research showed that the majority of consumers found the most bang for buck, while still feeling like the benefits outweighed the spending was in the ballpark of $100 - $200 per month.

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